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01- Visa processes

Students who will come to study in Turkey must obtain a student visa from the Turkish Republic Consulate in their origin country. As you may already know the visa application processes are usually very complicated and they require the greatest care. We, here in Think Turkey, has got that covered for you. We’ll help every step of the way and we’ll keep tabs on it for you. All you need to do is to just let us know once you got your acceptance letter!

02- Airport Transportation

Our help doesn’t stop once you arrive. We pick you up from the airport via a private car and get you to your home away from home. That way you don’t have to worry about a single thing!

03- Accommodation

After completing your university registration, what you’d normally need to do is to apply for a residence permit in order to be able to carry out all formal transactions. This permit can also be used while entering or leaving Turkey, and thus you would not need to get a new visa. With Think Turkey, just like we were helping in every step of the visa application process, we’ll also be here for you while getting your residence permit.
Having gotten all the important documents, we now need to think about where you’re going to live.
Housing can run expensive in Turkey, however Think Turkey’s contracted dorms offers a variety of dormitories in various locations. These housing facilities are safe, secure and they’re the most affordable option out there.

04- Health Insurance

International students in Turkey are required to have health insurance during their official residence. There are two types of health insurance. One is a private insurance and another is General Health Insurance (GSS) governed by the Republic of Turkey. Think Turkey will also help with getting the best insurance suited to your medical needs. This way in case of an expected or unexpected health problem there won’t be any medical fees to worry about.

05- YÖS exam preparation course

You may be familiar with YÖS (Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı), it’s the exam that will determine your standing among other students to place you in a university of your choosing. If you choose to come to Turkey before the exam we offer a YÖS preparation course with classes 20 hours a week.

06- Yös exam books

We also provide you with textbooks and previous exams that you can solve to practice and you can also ask your tutor anything you have trouble understanding. After all, we are here to help!

07- Yös Trial Exams

You will also take trial YÖS exams with other students so that you may see your standing and also see how you’d perform in the actual exam. This will be very advantageous and can help you get to the university of your dreams.

08- Turkish Language Course

Turkish is the 5th most spoken language in the world! Wouldn’t it be great to speak something spoken by many and share and experience their culture? There is also the fact that if you succeed in the “Turkish Proficiency Exam”, you may be exempt from the language preparatory class at universities in Turkey; In many job interviews, you can prove your Turkish knowledge without taking the language exams and use this as a document for your academic career objectives.

09- University Application

Once you get your exam results, we will offer guidance on which university to pick and we’ll help with the application process as well. University is a brand new journey and it’s of utmost importance that you start on the right foot-by making sure that your application is foolproof-we’ll make sure you do so.

10- Orientation Programmes

After arriving Turkey, Think Turkey is going to arrange orientation programmes designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease at your new living area. As an international student this is also a great time for you to get comfortable in Turkey and with Turkish culture. Some universities also offer specially designed orientation programmes for international students. By attending these programmes as well as starting to live at your new dormitory, you will feel at home in no time!

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You have many reasons to study in Turkey. Turkey is a center of attraction for students in the world, with its natural, spiritual, transportation and physical properties specific to its cities.


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