Entrance to the
Turkish Universities

You have the opportunity to take university education in Turkey’s elite universities in different ways;

  1. Firstly; if you are in the senior class of your high school or you were graduated, you can apply to the Turkish Universities with;
  • your high school GPA (grade point average),
  • national diploma/exams or
  • internationally recognized diploma programs/exams

that provide a minimum score for application.

  1. You can apply to Turkish Universities by entering YÖS in your own country.

In addition to Turkish, YÖS is generally prepared in English, and aslo this exam can be prepared Arabic, Russian, French, German and so on. by Universities.

The language of instruction of the universities is generally Turkish. However, there are faculties and departments where many universities offer foreign languages (usually English, German, French and Arabic) from 30% to 100%.

  • You can apply to Turkish universities by entering YÖS in Turkey.

You can meet your dreams with the help of YÖS preparation course given by ThinkTurkey. You can also take Turkish language course while attending YÖS course.

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You have many reasons to study in Turkey. Turkey is a center of attraction for students in the world, with its natural, spiritual, transportation and physical properties specific to its cities.


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