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A friendly family atmosphere, trouble-free advice and full support.

We provide trouble-free consultancy and full support at every step and in all matters.

Going to different countries abroad for education can be exciting as well as intimidating. Settling in a new country with different traditions and lifestyles, does not speak the same language as you, has a completely different food culture other than the food you eat, and uses a different currency is a difficult and difficult situation for you to get used to.

Fortunately, this situation is now a thing of the past thanks to the brand new modern education system that we have established for our students from all over the world to feel at home. Last year, we provided support and counseling to 228,320 students from 127 countries around the world before and during their education.

You will realize that you have received all the support and assistance you need with our friendly, fully equipped teaching staff and excellent spiritual support program.


Turkey come here to experience yourself before you begin to feel totally ready for it, will constitute the most important part of your settlement. The Thinkturkey family will share the necessary information with you as soon as possible via the e-mail address you shared with us right after your application so that you can find answers to your questions about pre-arrival information.
Pre-arrival notifications usually take a day or half a day, and we’ll give you full support on all the issues you need to start your education safely.


• Information sessions Turkey contains the basic information you need to start to settle in when you have to. These include a number of situations such as your acceptance, visa applications, accommodation arrangement, opening a bank account and obtaining information about your health status.

• Your university or college can also organize pre-arrival information sessions and promotional events as part of their ‘spiritual support’ program. You can get information about whether there are events you can attend by contacting the THINKTURKEY family.

• ‘Spiritual support’ consists of a series of special resources created by universities to provide students with any additional help they may need. The vast majority of advice and support here has been tailored to the needs of foreign students.


• These can take various forms, such as making sure you are welcomed on arrival, helping you apply for your student visa, planning your trip and providing you with English language support throughout your studies. In fact, this is all you need to prepare and feel ready.

• Designed to relieve your tension before setting off for your spiritual support education; In this way, you can focus on your education and immerse yourself in a new country culture. After all, you have many reasons to be excited!


A friendly and multicultural social life

• Turkey is a country that has a lot of diversity that is home to different cultures and religions around the world and the four seasons in your city as well as being a country where you live the fullest will taste completely different feelings to you. Wherever you go, you can find this vibrant and changeable atmosphere in every area, from festivals to arts and culture.

• growing foreign population is growing by the day with a variety of world cuisine located in Turkey. Whether you’re trying to try new flavors or find your hometown’s food and ingredients, you’ll have a lot to discover.

• Another cause of such foreign students feel themselves at home in Turkey is the diversity of our universities. Turkey has also come from different countries of the academic staff; So whatever you decide to work on, you will be communicating with people from all over the world.