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How to Take the Foreign Student Exam?

Stage 1: Pre-Registration

To create an exam record, you need to click APPLY NOW and select the Application with YÖS (Exam for Foreign Students) section. You must fill in all the information there. And you must upload the documents that need to be uploaded.

Here, I would like to warn you that you must make the contact information you provide on our site correct and complete. You must also be actively using it. Because in case of some errors and deficiencies or differences in the information requested by universities, we should be able to reach you immediately and enter the information we receive from you correctly and completely so that no errors occur later.

With the information we receive from you we will find the application on your behalf to universities in Turkey. The purpose of our application to multiple Universities is to increase your acceptance probability. Because Turkey is this year’s target of 350,000 foreign students. In order for us to include you among these people and reach your goal, we have to handle and follow the subject from many angles.

After the application we made on your behalf is approved, we will do the Main Registration …

Stage 2: Registration

After successfully completing the pre-registration process for the Foreign Student Exam, an e-mail containing the registration steps is sent to us. By clicking the link in the e-mail sent, it is necessary to register to the “Candidate System” of the relevant school. We will do these steps for you.

All steps in the system must be filled without any spaces. Then, the exam fee will be paid. In this step, we will send you the original receipt by e-mail that we have done on your behalf and paid the fee for the relevant transaction.

And YÖS that will be providing the right to take the exam successfully in Turkey.

Stage 3: Control

We will send you all the information about the exam. In addition, if there is a change in the exam dates, we will notify you by e-mail.

Stage 4: Exam Attendance Certificate

Registration has already been completed in the second stage. Then, an e-mail is sent to you stating that the exam participation documents are ready. This document must be printed out and must be with the candidate when taking the exam.

You are curious about YÖS….

Which Undergraduate Programs can be entered with the Foreign Student Exam?

The list of undergraduate programs and courses that can be entered with YÖS is published on our site. With YÖS, it is possible to apply to both private and public universities. However, some universities providing education in the field of visual arts and music also hold “Special Ability Exams”. In addition, in order to apply for some programs, applicants must meet the specific requirements of these programs. The results of the exams are announced by the universities themselves.

Which Undergraduate Programs are Most Preferred by Foreigners?

Foreigners mostly apply to undergraduate programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Business, Law, Economics, Psychology, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering at Turkish universities.

From Which Countries Does The Candidate Most Apply To The Foreign Student Exam?

foreign students from all over the world are participating in YÖS have the chance to be educated in Turkey. Most foreign students come from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, Germany, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Egypt and Tunisia and other Arab countries.

What is the Importance of High School Grade Point Average for Foreign Student Exam?

High school GPA has no effect on the exam. High school degree is not considered as a factor in evaluation. As a result, only YÖS results of foreign students are taken into consideration when entering Turkish universities. Besides, it does not make any difference whether the candidates graduate from a normal high school or open high school. The only requirement is for foreign students to have a valid high school diploma.