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Food culture

Food culture

Daily life in Turkish society is shaped around meals and long meals. The center of home life is the kitchen. Even in big cities, families often prefer to have their dinner together and at home. Especially after the meals where the guests are hosted, the table is not gathered immediately, they have a long conversation, listen to music and have fun.

Turkish cuisine is world famous with its rich ingredients and dishes made with a great effort. You can taste these unique flavors in restaurants or a house where you are a guest. It is very common to cook at home. You can buy fresh food from grocery stores, supermarkets or markets established on certain days.

Eating OutAlthough common in much of what you eat at home in Turkey, much too simple sandwiches from traditional dishes to satiate your stomach out, you have a variety of options and satisfying. Restaurants and cafes that offer red / white meat and seafood dishes and vegetarian alternatives are easily found in all major cities.

Before the meal you order at the restaurants, a few kinds of snacks and appetizers are served. Decide on your order, taking into account the treats. Remember: refreshments and water served in a jug are free; bottled water is paid!

Turkish breakfast

Unlike many cultures, Turkish breakfast is a real meal and should not be skipped as mothers recommend! Pastries such as simit, pancake, and pastry are indispensable for a quick breakfast. But don’t be surprised when you see that the table is equipped with the following at a long, enjoyable weekend breakfast: cheese, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, sausages, pastries, pancakes, jam, honey and of course tea.

Student Friendly Meals

Here are some quick and affordable options for dining out:

Döner: You will see that the meats are rotated and cooked on a steep axis in the showcase of many kebab restaurants in the city. This is a Turkey that turns spesila. The beauty of doner for students is that it can also be eaten as a piece of bread.

Mantı: Mantı , which has similar similarities in different countries, is a piece of dough prepared with minced meat. It is usually served with yoghurt and tomato paste.

Soup: you will see that everything is made of soup in Turkey. Various vegetables and legumes are used in soups that are mostly vegetarian and juicy. Soups, which are also meaty types, are ideal for a light lunch or dinner that a student may want.

Dry Beans & Rice: It is indispensable for the menus of university cafeterias and restaurants that make home cooking. Rice is made from bulgur or rice and is often served with stews. It is said that the nutritional value of beans increases many times when eaten with rice!

Pastry, Pancake, Pastry: Pastries are essential foods that will save you at breakfast and snacks. You can find many different varieties in university canteens, patisseries and some restaurants: vegetable, meat, cheese …

University Cafeterias & Canteens

Many universities have a cafeteria where students can have 2 or 3 meals a day. The price of the meals you can choose from table d’hote or à la carte is very reasonable as it is subsidized by the state. In many universities, it is possible to find canteens, restaurants and cafes outside the central cafeteria.

When you see the following dishes on the menu of your cafeteria, you shouldn’t miss it. These are flavors you will not want to leave Turkey without tasting.

Karnıyarık – İmambayıldı
– Tas kebab – Stuffed grape
– Kebab
– Baklava
– Kazandibi