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Zonguldak is a province in the Western Black Sea Region, which has a coastal region in the west and the north to the Black Sea. The provincial lands starting from the Black Sea coast are surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, Bartın in the northeast, Karabük in the east, Bolu in the south, and Düzce in the west.


You can reach Zonguldak by road, airway, sea and railway. 

Gökgöl Cave

Located 5 km away from the center of Zonguldak, this cave is situated on the eastern slope of the Erçek Creek. It has been discovered that the Gökgöl Cave, which is the second longest cave in Zonguldak province, has a healing air for asthma patients.

Cehennem Ağzı Caves (Hell’s Mouth Caves)

Located in Ereğli District, these caves are located 50 km from the city center. This cave, which is surrounded by water and stones, is among the areas contributing to tourism.


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