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Southeastern Anatolia region located in Sanliurfa, is one of the 12,000-year history of the ancient heritage of all medeniet that Turkey has maintained a presence in the region with the city. It is bordered by the Euphrates River to the north, west and south, and the Habur river, which is also one of the branches of the Euphrates, to the east. It is surrounded by Mardin to the east, Gaziantep to the west, Adıyaman to the northwest and Diyarbakır to the north.


You can reach Şanlıurfa by road, airline and railway.

Popular Places

Fairy Tale City Harran

Harran which is a district of Turkey’s Sanliurfa province, is among the world’s first science center. In addition, the first university is also Harran University. Harran University took its name from this district of Sanliurfa.

Sanliurfa Balikligol

Balıklıgöl, which is one of the most visited areas of Şanlıurfa, is known as the place where the Prophet Abraham fell when he was thrown into the fire. It is home to countless tourists every year with its architecture that includes history and fish that are the subject of legend.

Sanliurfa Historical Grand Bazaar

This covered bazaar, which comes after the covered market in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Bursa, is among the most important cultural values ​​of the city. Cultures from the Ottoman era are still continued in this bazaar.


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