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Karaman is located in the south of the Central Anatolia Region, in the north of the Central Taurus Mountains and connects Central Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean Region. Most of the Karaman lands are covered with wide plains. The south of the province is mountainous.


You can reach Karaman by road and railway. 

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Taşkele, formerly known as Kızıllar, is a town in the province of Karaman. The settlements have existed for many years.

Manazan Caves

The Manazan caves, consisting of five-storey domiciles made by human, has galleries on each floor and rooms in each gallery. Numerous bodies were found during the excavations in the caves. A woman’s body is believed to belong to the Byzantine period and is exhibited in Karaman Museum.


 Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University, Yunus Emre Campus, 70100 Karaman / TURKEY


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