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Erzurum, where the plateau above, is Turkey’s highest city, which was surrounded by mountains and pedestrians. Artvin – Rize in the north, Bayburt – Erzincan in the west, Bingöl – Muş in the south and Ağrı – Kars in the east.


You can reach Erzurum by road, airline and railway.

Popular Places

Tortum waterfall

Tortum Waterfall, a natural wonder, is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The waterfall is approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Tortum Waterfall awaits you among the most beautiful places to visit in Erzurum province.

Aziziye Signboard

These bastions, which are among the most important historical riches of Erzurum province, are 22 in total. These are the bastions that were built to protect the city from the raids and invasions in Eastern Anatolia during the Ottoman and Russian Wars. They were built on high hills.

Three cupolas

The Üç Kumbetler, which is among the historical sites in Erzurum, which contains its history, are monumental tombs belonging to the Seljuk period. The largest of these domes belongs to the Seljuk Emir Saltuk, but it is not known to whom the others belong.


Ataturk University 25240 Erzurum


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