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Located in the Upper Euphrates in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Erzincan; Erzurum in the east, Sivas in the west, Tunceli in the south, Bingöl in the southeast, Elazig-Malatya in the southwest, Gümüşhane-Bayburt in the north and Giresun in the northwest. Erzincan generally has terrestrial climate characteristics. It has a milder climate than all other provinces except Elazig and Malatya in the Eastern Anatolia Region.


You can reach Erzincan by road, airline and railway.

Popular Places

Mama Hatun Tomb

The architect of this mausoleum built in the name of the princess of Saltuk, Mama Hatun, is Nema Bin Mufaddal of Ahlatlı Ebu. The tomb is located in a large complex, within the borders of Tercan district of Erzincan. Although the date of construction is not certain, it is thought to date from 1192 or 1202.

Kemah Castle

Kemah Castle, located within the borders of Kemah district, is named after the district where it is located. Kemah Castle, one of the historical places, has hosted many civilizations. Evliya Çelebi also mentioned Kemah Castle in his book Seyahatname.


Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, Yalnızbağ Campus, 24100, Erzincan


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