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Located in the Upper Euphrates part of the Eastern Anatolia Region, Bingöl is surrounded by the provinces of Muş, Erzurum, Erzincan, Tunceli, Elazığ and Diyarbakır. The height of the city center is 1,151 meters above sea level and the terrain is mountainous and rugged.


Transportation to Bingöl is provided by both road and rail.

Popular Places

King’s Daughter Castle

The King’s Daughter Castle was built for the daughter of the Persian ruler. This building, which has survived until today, is used as a recreation area. Especially the locals enjoy this area by having a picnic picnic.

Buban Chimneys

Buban Chimneys located in Oğuldere Village resemble the world famous Fairy Chimneys. It has a wonderful view.


Selahaddin-i Eyyubi Mah. Universite Cad. No. 1 Zip Code: 12000 Bingol / TURKEY


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