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Bilecik province, south east of the Marmara Region; It is located on the cutting points of the Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions. Agrilion and Belekoma are among the oldest known names of the province. Bilecik is in the land where the Ottoman Empire was born. The region, founded around the Sakarya River and known for its richness of ponds and streams, bears the traces of history from ancient times to the present.


Transportation to Bilecik is provided by both road and rail.

Popular Places

Atatürk pavilion

Located in a forest, Atatürk Mansion is located 22 kilometers from Bozüyük district. It is a civil architecture that attracts attention in greenery. When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited Bilecik in 1930, he was hosted in this mansion and he loved this mansion very much.

Ertugrul Gazi

Ertuğrul Gazi Mausoleum is the father of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Principality, and the tomb of the Seljuk Urdu Ertuğrul Gazi, located in the Söğüt district of Bilecik.

Metristepe Victory Monument

The Metristepe Victory Monument in Bozhöyük is a 24-meter-high reinforced concrete building built in memory of our soldiers who were martyred in the İnönü War. The monument contains information about the troops involved in the war and the commanders who took part in the war. Every year, commemoration ceremonies are held in front of the Monument.


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