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Located in the Middle Kızılırmak area of the Central Anatolia Region, where the northern and southern Anatolian mountains move away from each other, Aksaray is surrounded by Kırşehir and Ankara in the north, Nevşehir in the east, Niğde in the southeast, Konya in the south and Tuz Lake in the northwest.


You can reach Aksaray by road.

Popular Destinations

Monastery Valley

The monastery valley, which is located among the beauties living history, is 50 kilometers from Aksaray town center. There are about fifty churches and monasteries in this valley.

Hasan Mountain

Hasan Mountain, which is located on the road of Niğde Aksaray, is the largest mountain after Erciyes mountain. The view of this mountain with a height of 3268 meters is admired by people.


Bahcesaray Mah. 68100 AKSARAY


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