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Afyon is one of the prominent cities of Turkey with its archaeological ruins reflecting the culture and art of civilizations of thousands of years, centuries-old structures, caves formed over millions of years, thermal richness and natural beauties, archaeological sites, handicrafts, fairy chimneys, open-air temples and cuisine.


You can reach Afyonkarahisar by road, rail and air.

Popular Places

Gedik Ahmet Pasha Madrasa

Gedik Ahmet Pasha Madrasa It is the name given to certain parts of the areas that have survived to the present day. The madrasa, which is an important part of the complex, is a building built by architect Ayaz Ağa in 1472. It was used as a museum in certain periods and remained empty in certain periods. Today, it continues to function as a madrasa.

Afyon Ayazini Church

Ayazini Church, one of the important places of worship, is a church formed by carving stones. It is not known who built this church, which is dazzling with its structures, architecture and history. The church was carved on the rocks and it differs from other churches with this aspect.


Afyon Kocatepe University Ahmet Necdet Sezer Campus Gazlıgöl Road, 03200, AFYONKARAHİSAR


Zafer Health Complex A Blok, Dörtyol Mah. 2078 Sokak, No: 3, Pk. 03030, Afyonkarahisar


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