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Adana, Turkey is the sixth most populous city. The city center is located 30 km inland from the Mediterranean, on the Seyhan River. On the Mediterranean coastline, there are two coastal towns named Karataş and Yumurtalık (Ayas). There is also a commercial port in Ceyhan district on the Mediterranean. Adana is one of the cities that make a significant contribution to the country’s economy in terms of trade.


You can reach Adana by road, rail and air.

Popular Places

Stone bridge

Taş Bridge is a bridge located in the city center of Adana, on the Seyhan River connecting the Adana and Kaşıyaka sides. Stone Bridge, which has become a symbol of Adana, is a historical monument. The Stone Bridge, known to be built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, is one of the oldest bridges between Asia and Europe and still in use.

Adana Archeology Museum

Archaeological Museum is located in Adana also one of the ten oldest museums in Turkey. The Archeology Museum was built one year after the Republic was declared. It contains a gate lion, historical sarcophagi, inscriptions, god and goddess figures.

Adana Ethnography Museum

Another name of the ethnography museum is the Old Museum. The Old Museum is a church where religious beliefs were experienced in the past years. The church was abandoned over time. The abandoned church was restored and turned into an Ethnography Museum today.


Çukurova University Tufanbeyli Vocational School Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Saimbeyli Caddesi No: 28 01640 Tufanbeyli / ADANA


Balcalı, Çatalan Cd., 01250 Saricam / Adana


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