İstanbul /

الشهادات – التوصيات

Turkey is our second homeland. Studying at Turkish universities is an important opportunity for us. Thank you very much to ThinkTurkey for providing us this opportunity. I would like to recommend ThinkTurkey to my close friends in my country.

Zeynel Abidin – Malezya

Ankara University/Computer Engineering

Phosfluorescently engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactively coordinate e-commerce via process-centric “outside the box” thinking.

Diki wahyudi – Endonezya

İstanbul üniversit /Biomedical Engineering

I am happy to achieved my dreams. It is exciting to be together with friendly people in a beautiful country. Thanks to ThinkTurkey and his team for meeting all my needs from my health insurance to accommodation.

Muhammed Muin – Hindistan

Yıldırım Beyazıt University/Faculty of Medicine

If you cooperate with ThinkTurkey, perhaps the last thing you will think of is where to stay. I am staying in comfortable dormitories like a five star hotel and I have the opportunity that I can meet all my needs.

Mohamed – Somali

Ankara University Biomedical Engineering

Salamun Alaikum, my name is Muaviye Han I am from India and I came to Turkey by using ThinkTurkey’s services. I studied  Economics in India and now I’m living in ThinkTurkey’s dormitories to learn Turkish as well as study to get a master’s degree. There are many other students like me from different countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Endonesia who are all doing the same things as I am in ThinkTurkey’s dormitories.

Muaviye Han – India

My name is Zıaulhaq Amın. I am Afghan. I came to Turkey two months ago by ThinkTurkey. Now, I am learning Turkish. Once, I learn Turkish, I’ll go to graduate school to obtain my master’s degree. I am very interested in Turkish history and culture. The services provided by ThinkTurkey are exceptional especially for university students. All food in our dormitories are halal. We have a library and several classrooms. I want to thank ThinkTurkey, there are so many great opportunities in Turkey!

Zıaulhaq Amın – Afghan

Salamun Alaikum, my name is Abdurrezzak. I am from Burkina Faso. I came to Turkey by using ThinkTurkey’s services to learn Turkish and to get into university. I am studying for the exams with ThinkTurkey.

Abdurrezzak – Burkina Faso

Hello, I am Musa. I am from Malaysia.I came to Turkey with ThinkTurkey in 2019 to learn Turkish and I’m studying in a summer camp  by ThinkTurkey. The dormitory I am staying at is pristine. ThinkTurkey takes care of all our needs. I want to thank ThinkTurkey.

Musa – Malaysia